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Innovative clothing, and apparel for Peacemakers.

Law enforcement officers don't always wear their bullet protective gear because it's hot, uncomfortable, and even painful.

Worse yet, not wearing the gear puts these public servants who are already in dangerous lines of work in much greater danger.

As a former Highway Patrol Telecommunicator in North Carolina, our founder's main concern is that the law enforcement officers on the other end of the radio she used to run get home safely, every shift.

Thin Gold Line Solutions was created to save lives by solving a universal problem: the tendency of many law enforcement officers to forgo wearing their bullet protection vests due to their extreme discomfort.

Welcome to 1st Responders PTSD Connection PTSD.Help. Welcome to The Beginning; Your Beginning.

We are 501(c)3 non-profit organization as of March 2020.  Our goal is to assist all 1st Responders who are struggling with PTSD. This includes ANY 1st Responder who wore, or is currently, wearing a badge or has sworn an oath to serve his or her community and is suffering a mental health emergency.  Our hope is to give them the assistance and, find the backup needed for each first responder to not only survive but to get his or her identity back. It is a journey of one day at a time, that we hope to share, until they can “walk” again as they did the day they swore that Oath to Serve.

Protecting the Blue is a photography project that honors law enforcement officers and their good luck charms.  Every officer also receives a custom Protecting the Blue challenge coin to carry with them.  Protecting the Blue became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2018 to further this project to show support for law enforcement across the United States and the world. We strive let officers know that there are people in this country that still respect their efforts and still “have their backs”.