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North Carolina Troopers Association Caisson Unit

The Caisson Unit is an “at-need” service provided by the NC Trooper’s Association (NCTA) and the NC State Highway Patrol (NCSHP). The NCTA maintains the horses and equipment. The NCSHP provides sworn and trained personnel to participate in carrying out the responsibilities of performing the funeral missions.
The Caisson is a horse-drawn military wagon that is used to transport a funeral casket. The Caisson wagon is well known for its use at Arlington National Cemetery where it has carried fallen soldiers and former United States Presidents to their final resting burial. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol Caisson members have been trained by the United States Army “Old Guard” at Arlington National Cemetery and perform funeral missions as requested through our organization.

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The quality of our media services come from a passion and decades of experience in the motion picture television industry. It is conveyed in our finished products in which our cinematography is used to capture simple elegant shots to more complex and technical shots to enrich your ideas into stunning, impactful, shareable digital media. With the latest in cinematic Drone aviation training and technology, we capture beautiful aerials to enhance your projects.

Protecting the Blue is a photography project that honors law enforcement officers and their good luck charms.  Every officer also receives a custom Protecting the Blue challenge coin to carry with them.  Protecting the Blue became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2018 to further this project to show support for law enforcement across the United States and the world. We strive let officers know that there are people in this country that still respect their efforts and still “have their backs”.

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