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Back The Blue NC makes donation to Wake Co. SO K9 Unit and announces Ned Byrd Scholarship

Yesterday staff members of Back The Blue NC held an official presentation at the Wake County Sheriff's Office with Sheriff Willie Rowe and members of the K-9 Unit. Back The Blue NC presented a check for $1,400 to be used by the K-9 Unit as they see fit. This money comes from a surplus of the generous donations made by businesses and the community to provide the K9 Unit with gift baskets following the loss of their partner Deputy Ned Byrd (EOW 08/11/2022). All 12 Handlers and all 14 K9 partners had received gift baskets.

A memorial plaque honoring Deputy Ned Byrd was also presented to Sheriff Willie Rowe on behalf of the Wake County Sheriff's Office. Wake County Deputy Sheriff Ned Byrd was shot and killed while on patrol shortly after 11:00 pm on August 11, 2022 while investigating suspicious activity en-route to K-9 training. Deputy Byrd was a U.S. Air Force veteran and had served with the Wake County Sheriff's Office for 13 years.

In addition to the K9 Unit fundraiser, Back the Blue NC initially raised money for Byrd’s family, but they returned it and asked the funds instead to be used to help someone else. Our team has decided, with the family's blessing and support, to partner with Wake Tech Community College to put one students through basic law enforcement training each academy class (two a year). This mission was just announced at the official presentation at the Wake County Sheriff's Office yesterday.

Deputy Byrd's partner K-9 Deputy Richardson stated after the announcement, "If you knew Ned, that’s him. He was always about teaching that next person, taking that time and caring about folks and it’s just so fitting for him to be the one to pass on to future generations."

With this scholarship fund, Back The Blue NC intends to keep Deputy Byrd's name and legacy alive and to help fund future Law Enforcement Officers who otherwise may not be able to afford basic law enforcement training.

Back The Blue NC has already raised $6,771 for the scholarship fund, which would sponsor four recruits through future academy classes. It is our goal to be able to increase the number of quality candidates we can fund who will in turn contribute to the safety of our community and carry on Byrd's legacy.

If you would like to contribute please donate through our fundraiser at

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