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July Newsletter

Happy Anniversary!

As we enter August BTBNC is one year old! 

We celebrated our first anniversary on July, 6th and along with it came some exciting additions to our organization. 

First, to be more proactive, we started the 10-33 Assistance Program. This program is a stand-alone fund that is separate from all other donations received and will never be touched unless an officer is killed in the line of duty in NC. Because this is a separate fund, 100% of every penny goes directly to the children and families of the fallen! Penny for penny, dollar for dollar of your donation goes directly in the fund until needed. Let us hope and pray it will never be used!

Upon joining the program, you will receive our 10-33 BTBNC lapel pin which is exclusive to the program. This pin cannot be purchased or received unless you are a 10-33 member. To learn more, go to our 10-33 page on our website:

Secondly, we wanted to share how we at BTBNC manage to give back 99.97% of every dollar received, so we are being transparent, and you can read on our Financial page how we achieve that.

Running the organization does cost money. From the cost of our merchandise to the events we attend, to basic office supplies, occasionally, we have to spend money. Unlike the 10-33 program in which 100% goes directly to the families of the fallen, we still achieve the unheard-of ratio of 99.97% give back because our entire staff is volunteer! You can read our financial-quarterly statements on our Financial Page:

Lastly, we unveiled our first commercial. We are extremely grateful to Don Hendrix, who made this commercial possible. Don is the father of Deputy Ryan Hendrix, who was killed in the line of duty on September 10, 2020. Don shared his son’s story and the pain of losing his son to help BTBNC launch the 10-33 Assistance Program. You can watch the commercial at the top of our new video page:

Special thanks to Addul Ali, Chairman of the Cabarrus County Republican Party and to the Cabarrus County GOP for raising $945.00 for BTBNC! They held a “Hotdogs For Heroes” event on July, 27 where all funds raised went to BTBNC!

July, like June, was another wonderful month where no Leos in NC were lost in the line of duty.

We have some other new items/merchandise that will be available this month so keep your eyes on our website and Facebook page!

As always, please consider joining our Back The Blue NC Team! We are always looking for people and wanting to add to our staff. We will always be there for all of our law enforcement officers, but we can only do that with your help and support.

Gadi Adelman

Chairman/Media Relations

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