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June Newsletter

We are so grateful to start our newsletter by saying that no NC Law Enforcement Officers were lost this past month, but the dangers of the job have been highlighted way too frequently with reports of armed suspects and line-of-duty injuries. It is well known that Law Enforcement is inherently a dangerous profession, but our officers are facing violence at an unprecedented rate. We saw a SHP Trooper face an armed driver a traffic stop in Chatham County who luckily walked away with his life after protecting himself against immediate threat of danger. On June 13th another SHP Trooper and a Caldwell County Deputy were engaged in a shootout after responding to an overturned vehicle on Hwy 321 when a suspect in the vehicle pulled a gun on the responding officers. Then on June 28th a CMPD Officer was shot in the leg while responding to an altercation at the Blind Pig bar in the NoDa area of Charlotte. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of life or death situations our Law Enforcement Officers face on a daily basis.

On June 3rd the Raleigh Police Department announced the passing of one of their beloved K9s, Bronco, after he fell ill from an infection. K9 Bronco was the partner of Senior Officer Kellogg and had served the Raleigh Police Department since 2014. K9 Bronco was a valuable narcotics detection dog, responsible for countless drug seizures, including six kilos of cocaine that led to multiple arrests. Our condolences to the Raleigh Police Department for their loss of K9 Bronco. Rest In Peace and thank you for your service Bronco.

Just two days later, on June 5th, the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office announced the passing of K9 Boulder. Boulder joined the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office in April of 2017 where he served as the Department's Facility and Crisis Response Dog. He assisted his handler, First Sergeant Nowell with many Sheriff’s Office programs and was requested across the county to visit schools, groups, communities and businesses. Boulder was an essential part of the RAD program where he assisted women in overcoming fears and anxiety related to the class. He gained trust from and promoted healing for children who had traumatic experiences such as the death of a loved one due to violent crime, house fire, vehicle wrecks and more. Please keep his handler, FSgt. Nowell, in your thoughts and prayers.

On June 9th the Wake Tech Community College Public Safety Campus hosted their Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate Presentation for both the Day and Evening classes of 2022. Special guests included our Founder and CEO Lindsay LiCausi who was graciously invited by the family of Ofc. Ryan Hayworth. Former Police Chief and father of Ryan Hayworth, Tim Hayworth, his wife, Ryan's mother Lisa Naylor and Ofc. Cody Hagler attended to witness this graduation ceremony and to help present the Ryan A. Hayworth Award.

Graduates D. Moore and N. Edwards were recipients of the Ryan A. Hayworth Award for exhibiting the characteristics of professionalism, honor, and service as well as exhibiting all of the amazing personality traits that Officer Hayworth had. We congratulate D. Moore and N. Edwards on receiving this meaningful award and all of the other graduates on their graduation. May you all have success and safety in your careers and forever #LiveLikeRyan

Did you know that Back The Blue NC, Inc. proudly operates as a 100% non-profit, 100% volunteer-driven 501c3 non-profit organization?

That means that every penny you donate goes directly to the children and families impacted by the tragic loss of an Officer on-duty. To be more proactive instead of reactive in fundraising for the loved ones forever affected by a Line of Duty death, we have established what we call the 10-33 Assistance Program. 10-33 is the ten code for "Officer Needs Assistance".

Please consider making a tax-deductible donated today by joining the 10-33 Subscription Program at

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